Posted by: mosblog | June 29, 2007


So we put Noah to bed tonight and I hear all this commotion in the bedroom. Two little kids giggling at how proud they are of something. Eric whispers to me from the couch to come look at their bedroom door. If you’ve seen the kids’ bedroom you know that Noah’s crib is right next to the bedroom door which I had left about a 1/2″ open after I put him to bed. Anyway, I went to see what Eric was pointing at….Noah had crawled over, reached his arm through the crib slats and grabbed the door and pulled it open a little ways. Then, moved his arm between other slats and moved it some more opening it enough to where he could see right out quite well. It was SOOOOO stinking cute!!! And naughty. But more cute than anything.



  1. Boy genius!

  2. what a smart little yet naughty cookie! 🙂

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