Posted by: mosblog | July 2, 2007

A painful truth told by a 4-year-old…

So Bella, Noah, Eric and I were all in the kitchen tonight. Bella was trying to tell Eric that he shouldn’t give Noah so many cheerios at a time. I kept telling her to quit bossing Dad around. He’s the boss of her, not the other way around. So when she was done eating she got down and went to tell Dad a secret. Being her Mom I knew exactly what she was going to tell him….to not give Noah so many cheerios. She and I had a conversation about it and she admitted to bossing him again. I told her “You are not the boss of Dad. He is the boss of me, and of you, and of Noah. You do not boss Dad around!” Her reply? “But you boss Dad around!”



  1. Ouch!!!!

  2. I was going to reply to this, but Monica told me I couldn’t.

  3. you boss me around too.

  4. Don’t write stuff on here that I won’t like. I mean it! OBEY!!!

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