Posted by: mosblog | July 5, 2007

Noah’s latest accomplishment

Yesterday, WHILE I WAS GONE for ONE hour, Noah started letting go of things he was holding on to while standing. He was holding Eric’s knee and just let go for a second until he started getting wobbly, then grabbed on again. So cute.

Then today I’ve been trying to get Noah to say “Bella.” 3 different times a muffled sounding “Bubba” came out. You can really hear the first B, but the rest is a little mushed together. He is only 11 months and one week old, so I’m not too worried about his speach yet. :o) His current communication with his mouth consists of saying Dadadadadada, Mama, Hah (for Hi), Uh-Uh (Uh-Oh), and he makes alerting type sounds when he hears the phone ring or sees or hears a dog. He doesn’t do these things very often, or every chance he gets, but enough to know it’s not a fluke.



  1. the kid’s a genius.
    it runs in the family (i hope!)

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