Posted by: mosblog | July 9, 2007

Bella started soccer….on Noah!

So I’m sitting in the dining room, on the phone, and I glance over at Bella who is sitting on our brown recliner chair. Noah’s on his hands and knees in front of the chair and she’s tapping her foot on his shoulder. I thought “this can’t be good!” Boy, was I right! She puts her foot against the side of his head and gives him a good kick, which sent him rolling over onto his back! I did the ole “I gotta go! Everything’s fine, but I gotta go!” hang up. I yell to Bella to go to my room while I check on Noah. The biggest reaction from Noah was a smile thinking I came over to play with him. Phew!

Anyway, I wanted to make sure Bella didn’t do this again so I was thinking she should get more spankings than normal (she usually gets 3 for whatever she does, or 5 on top of that if she also lies about what she did). I thought she should get 10 spankings, but I called Eric first to make sure I wasn’t being unreasonable. I thought it sounded fine, especially since I wasn’t mad at all about the whole thing. Eric thought it sounded reasonable, so I then went to take care of Bella.

I will spare you most of the details. I’ll just say that she FREAKED when she found out she’d get 10 spankings.

Afterward when we were praying together she said to God “Please help me not to be naughty to Noah anymore. I’m sorry I didn’t obey you. I forgive you.” Um, what? You forgive God?

She then had to sit and think about what she was going to say to Noah. Once she figured it out she went and told him (while he swung a hanger around), “Noah, I think you’re soft and squishy. Sorry for kicking you. I forgive you.”

Apparently we need to talk more about what forgiveness is.

By the way, she said she kicked him because she was driving and he was in her way! <insert eyeroll here>


  1. beyond hilarious that girl is….thank goodness Noah still thinks it’s funny to be kicked in the head! heehee 🙂

  2. my child would NEVER do something like that.

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