Posted by: mosblog | August 17, 2007

Noah started walking!

Noah started kind of walking today. It was very exciting. And Eric got to watch it on the web cam. Here’s what happened.

 I set him on the tile and tried to walk away to do something and as I let go he took a step toward me….kind of an accidental one. And then I caught him as he almost toppled over. We did that one more time on the carpet. I think it showed him he could walk because I went to the computer to i.m. Eric about it and while I i.m.d Eric Noah crawled into the kitchen, turned towards the living room, stood up and took 2 steps. He wasn’t walking to anything!

I then i.m.d the following to Eric: “Holy Crap! He’s walking!” Very profound, I know. He had me turn on my web cam and he got to see Noah fall, stand up, take a couple steps, fall, and try it all over again. He wasn’t even being coaxed by anyone! Anyway, later he took a max of 7 steps all in a row with one little pause in the middle, but no falls. He’s well on his way.

Lord, please help me!



  1. we need a video! 🙂 good luck mommy!!

  2. HAHAHA your time has come!!! j/k Congats Noah on a huge milestone!!! You are becoming a toddler!!! Good luck Monica! 🙂

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