Posted by: mosblog | August 23, 2007

A “See ya soon” to Bella-B

So on Saturday Bella leaves with Joanne and Joe for 4 days, 3 nights to go up to Susanville with them and spend one-on-one time with Joanne. I’m insane. I mean, I don’t know if I was insane before and that’s why I agreed to let my little girl go away for 4 days, or if I’m insane now because of what I agreed to. Anyway, you can pray for me and for Bella during this time. Pray for safety for her, and for peace for me. :o)

She’ll be back Tuesday evening. I’ll blog about it each day to keep you informed. I’m working on a plan right now for myself so that I keep busy with something fun while she’s gone. I mean, I still have Noah here so it’s not like I’ll be twiddling my thumbs or anything….. I might bust out the sewing machine. Wherever that might be! I’m not even sure I can remember what it looks like anymore!



  1. you’ll do great, she will be fine and you will get to have some “Monica time!!” Take this opportunity to enjoy life, do the things you love to do and remember that Joanne is an experienced mother of three..:)

    Can I take Noah for the next 2 weeks?? haha

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