Posted by: mosblog | August 27, 2007

Day #3 of Bella’s Trip

All’s well at the Schlange house, and at the Sturgeon house (in Susanville). Bella’s been just fine, and we’re all doing fine here. I’m just getting used to things being slightly easier to do with only one kid to take care of (who is yelling for me from his crib as I write this :0)).

I spoke to Bella earlier today. She told me all about her conversation that she had with Eric right before calling me. :o) And when I told her I missed her she said, “Don’t be sad, but I don’t miss you.” What a crack up!!!



  1. it is so awesome how you give up everthing for your kids…birth them through pain, sacrifice your needs daily for theirs, and are at their beckon call 24/7…and they act as if they don’t need you!! being a mom is great!!!

  2. Yeah….at least she’s saying it now when she’s 4 and doesn’t know better. If she still says it when she’s 10, that’s when I’ll actually be hurt. At least she’d know not to say hurtful things, even if they are true.

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