Posted by: mosblog | August 31, 2007

A Craptastrophy (a catastrophy involving poop!)

So today has been crazy from the moment I made breakfast. Here’s what has happened…

I made boiled eggs and toast for myself and the kids for breakfast. Noah didn’t like the eggs too much so most of them went on the floor or all over his high chair. I decided to treat myself to chocolate milk with my meal and I paid for it for the next hour. I was sick as a dog!!! Major pain!!! And to make things worse, the house now smelled like farts. Ugh. No more boiled eggs!

Anyway, apparently something hit Noah from the meal as well (although he didn’t get chocolate in his milk) because the kids were playing in their little play area when Bella yelled, “Noah, NO! Mom! Noah has poop everywhere!” Lord, please help me!

I found him with poop all over his back (still fully dressed, mind you), as well as on his legs, on the carpet, etc. I took him by his hands, yelled to Bella to bring a diaper and lots of wipes and I proceeded to change him on the back lawn (which he hated, by the way since it was still wet and poked his bare back, etc). A bee started to buzz his bum so I had to move even faster.

I put him in the bathtub (after the poop was all removed) and decided Bella should get in too since she hadn’t bathed in a few days. So, as they were playing in the tub Noah wanted to keep standing up, so I made him get out early. There’s no standing in the tub! He flipped out and wanted back in. I couldn’t get him out of the bathroom while Bella was still bathing, so I was quickly washing her hair so she could get out too. Noah started crawling around the bathroom in the buff. He also kept trying to climb into the bathtub. Each time I’d put his legs back on the ground and tell him NO! All this while still trying to quickly rinse a crying little girl’s hair. I guess Noah realized if he was going to get back in he had to move quickly. Next thing I know he’s flying into the tub, naked, head first, legs up in the air! He landed on his face down under the water! It was FREAKY! I ditched Bella, grabbed him, he came up sputtering and choking and crying uncontrollably (which I felt like doing too).

After we got over this crazy incident and put Noah to bed I went to find all of the poop he had left all over the house. It was mostly just in one area of the play stuff, but it was on the carpet, on Bella’s stroller, on Bella’s doll bed, on some of the lego blocks, and even on the curtains. Oy! I’m ready to be done with my day!



  1. And then I had to bug you about a prayer request you sent out! I am sorry to hear about your day so far. I hope that it is very peaceful from here on out. You deserve a nap today!

  2. I have to add that the biggest catastrophy I have had today is that on the way home we stopped at K-Mart so I could purchase some mascara, lip-stick and dog food. David pulls into the parking spot, lets me out (I have to sit in the back seat of the truck since the kids’ car seats are up front) and I go running up to the front entrance to see a hand written note (another pet peeve of mine) on the front door that reads-“no credit or atm cards today, the computers are down. no refunds either. Cash only”
    Once again I have to wonder “how does this place stay in business”.

  3. wow…luckily I didn’t stop by any sooner than I did! 🙂 that’s hilarious that he went flying into the tub…but of course at the time i’m quite sure it wasn’t funny then. kids are great aren’t they…but now as all my friends kids are growing up…i’m starting to consider staying only an “auntie” or a “fossy!!” heehee I think we need to re-invent this whole stay at home/full time mommy idea….into a much more glamorous and fully paid position! 🙂

  4. p.s. craptastrophy is such a great word!!

  5. holy cow. i am soooo sorry! want me to come pick you up and we can go shopping in santa rosa for the rest of the day? and i’ll pay for everything!

  6. Yes, Brooke! Yes, Brooke!!!!!

  7. Some days, it’s good to work out of the office. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, Babe. You’re awesome!

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