Posted by: mosblog | September 5, 2007

too much information….

For those of you who don’t want to know that girls poop, you might not want to read on……

So yesterday was a bad day for me. I ate four times, I went “squiggly poops” four times. And it’s not just that I have the squiggs, it’s the I have SEVERE abdominal pain along with it. I’m really sick of being sick!

I thought maybe I was lactose intollerant so I wasn’t going to have any milk beginning yesterday, but I started the day off with yogurt on my cereal because I’ve never noticed it affecting me before. That clearly didn’t work so I am now on a completely (mostly, anyway) dairy-free adventure to see if that’s the issue. All dairy, not just milk. Food now makes me mad. I love it, and it apparently hates me. Ergh!

The worst part of this whole thing is that I LOVE cereal for breakfast. And lunch. And, well, dinner, snacks, dessert, etc. Cereal rules. Cereal sans milk, however, sucks!!!

Just had to rant. No advice necessary. Just sympathy. :o)

Oh, and for those who may wonder since you know I’ve had my gall bladder removed….I am doing my own food research as to what actually bothers my stomach before paying $70 to go see the Doctor again. Oh, and I’m also cutting out sugary foods (mostly just desserts).



  1. Just noticed this is my second entry in a row that is based around feces in some way. Sorry to be gross! And just for everyone’s information…..Girls don’t poo or sweat or toot or belch. Just had to get that out there for any boys who didn’t know.

  2. Auntie Mo? This is Abram David. I sorry you have to goes through the same stuff I have had to deal with this past year. It does suck! Mommy has a hard time figuring out what to give me. But she is thinking that she might try me out on some cows milk tonight. Hers said that she will give me just a teenie-weenie bit.
    I hope I don’t keep hers up all night tonight.

  3. Here’s hoping the adventure leads to a stunning discovery!

  4. Abram…you have quite the vocabulary for a one year old!!! Sorry Mon about your problemo poo….no advice here….i guess just look at it as special times to go in your bathroom and reminisce about me having been your “across from your backyard neighbor!!” 🙂 heehee

  5. dude, bummer. i am sorry. i would give you my very own intestines in a second if they would let me.

  6. Melissa– your comment reminded me that one of the times I was sitting in the “library” I had Bella on one side of me singing at the top of her voice, and Noah on the other side trying to clean everything out of the garbage can, bring me stuff from the drawers in the bathroom, and fill the bathtub with any random things he could find. Ugh.

    Brookens– Thank you! You’re a doll!

    Abram– be kind to your Mommy tonight.

    Eric– YOU’RE stunning!

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