Posted by: mosblog | September 5, 2007

What a difference a year makes!

So, I was pretty excited when I saw these two pictures below and thought I’d share them with whomever reads this. When you’re trying to lose weight it’s a nice reminder to see where you’ve come from. The first is from when Noah was like 5 weeks old. The second was taken 1 year later.



  1. um…you look so good! Seriously!!! I didn’t like my face in the pics this year…I look forward to next year more now!!!!

  2. ya, like hello!!!! 🙂

  3. You look amazing!

  4. like “hello”!

  5. Ladies, I am TAKEN!!!

  6. too bad!! I’d date ya!

  7. whatever, you didn’t happen to mention that to me last weekend Monica! 🙂

  8. Did I walk into something awkward here?

    Seriously, you’re pretty hot. I would date you!

  9. things always seem to get akward real quick when Eric is around…I don’t know why that is cause he is such a people person!

    sorry Eric, that joke is getting pretty old….i’ll one say it anymore…today.

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