Posted by: mosblog | September 15, 2007

Wal-Mart SUCKS! Worst Wal-Mart story EVER!!!

I hate Wal-Mart now and the only way I can get back at Wal-Mart for being idiots is to blog about it and tell my small circle of friends so that we all can on occassion boycott Wal-Mart when it’s convenient (not very convenient in a small town that has KMart as it’s option!), and bad mouth them when we need a good story to tell at parties.

With that said, I’d also like to say I mean NO disrespect whatsoever to the other family involved in this fiasco and hope and pray that they did not receive my picture. Read on to understand….

Recently my Mom was told that she again has cancer. It’s been a rough road since we found out, but I’ve been holding together fine because we don’t have all the info yet. I didn’t want to freak out until I had all the facts (and even then….). I thought that it would be encouraging for my Dad mostly, but also for my Mom and Leighton if I had an 11×14 photo printed out for them to hang on their wall. This photo is one of the best ones I’ve seen of my Mom. She’s not just smiling for a camera. She’s genuinely happy. And my son, Noah was also in the picture which just made it that much better. I ordered the following photo from Wal-Mart, online. They were shipping it to me. It cost about $11. Here’s what it looked like:

My brother, Jeff and his wife Connie were going to be in town from Seattle for about 28 hours yesterday, so I was excited to see that I received a package from Wal-Mart that had my photo in it. I tore the box open (ignoring the cheesecake I was making for our dinner party with Jeff and Connie that night) and instead of finding MY photo I found an extremely disturbing photo of someone else’s family, including an infant who had passed away. I was HORRIFIED!!!

I immediately called Customer Service at Wal-Mart because their return policy said you had to send the photo back, or take it in to a Wal-Mart (the closest one to me is 35 minutes away), etc. As soon as the woman got on the phone I informed her (politely) that I was very upset at Wal-Mart and was not personally attacking her. She was nice about it. I told her that I order a picture of my Mom and son and instead received a photo of a dead baby. She was a little shocked. I told her I did NOT want to return the photo, I wanted to throw it away and have one sent to me next day air. She put me on hold for a bit, came back on the phone and said they’d send me a new photo and it would take 7-14 days to receive. I told her that I was expecting it now, that it was a gift for my Mom who was just diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to give it to her while my brother and his wife were in town and that I wanted it tomorrow. I also wanted to know if MY photo was out there somewhere in someone else’s home…or maybe even this poor family, who lost their baby and ordered a photo keepsake of the child ended up receiving a picture of my Mom and my little baby. She put me on hold again and came back on and said it’s not possible to get the photo any sooner because it takes 3-5 business days just to process the photo. I told her that I was SURE there was someone in the photo place who could make the decision to put all the other orders on hold and bump mine to the front…my original order was placed before all of those other ones anyway. She said she’d transfer me to someone who works with the photo customer service. She then put me on hold, transferred me, and then my call was dropped. Gone. I was now listening to beeping in my ear!!! ERGH!!!!

Because I don’t like to let other people (or in this case, corporations) run my emotions I chose to not call them back. I had other things I was doing at the time, and as is usually the case when you have a beef against Wal-Mart you yell at someone making minimum wage who can’t do anything for you anyway and who never ends up telling anyone about your injustice so no one ever corrects the problem. Does it actually hurt Wal-Mart when I don’t shop there? I highly doubt it.

So, I’ve told some of my close friends about this (thank you to Brooke for making me feel better by hating Wal-Mart along with me!) and I told some of you I’d post the photo on here so you could empathize with me. Now, let me warn you, the photo below is very sad. Someone lost their little baby. This is not a feel good moment, and I am in no way trying to parade someone else’s grief. Please know that. I feel very sad for this young family. I’ve blurred out the baby’s name at the top of the photo. I did google the child’s name and found out where they were from (the midwest) and when she passed away (earlier this month). You could pray for this family. They have a tough road ahead too.



  1. my prayers are with them. i’m sure there are so many moms reading your blog that can relate to this pain.

  2. i love the picture of your mom and noah! after having worked for a “mart” i understand your frustration. trouble is, i don’t see a change on the horizon. all the “marts” care about is $$$. go ahead and boycott–remember, we can always shop at longs, safeway, brunos, online etc. they will eventually feel the effect.

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