Posted by: mosblog | September 24, 2007

My Stomach

So…many of you know (okay, wait, I just had a thought. How many of my blogs, and/or the paragraphs in my blogs start out with “So?” Interesting!) that I’ve been having stomach problems. I had an ultrasound of my stomach done last week. I got a call from my Dr and she said the problem is I don’t have any kidneys. Okay, not actually. She said everything looks fine in there. My kidneys, liver, stomach, etc. Oh, okay. Good news. Must be nothing then. Hmmmm….

Okay anyway, she asked how I’ve been feeling and I told her that a few days ago I made bran muffins for breakfast and each day that I’ve eaten one in the morning I’ve not had major problems all day like before. Mind you, I’ve still had a tiny bit of pain at times, and loose stools (here we go talking about poo again!), but NOTHING like before! She said that some people who have their gall bladder removed need more fiber and end up getting some sort of prescription thing, but that if the muffins are working they are a lot cheaper so just keep going with that. So, I’m going to start taking in more fiber, and still stay away from dairy, fructose (it’s in sodas and juices, which both bother me!), and high fat foods.

  <—This is Bran Castle, by the way…. Anyway, I’m not going to eat a muffin every morning for the rest of my life, but I don’t want to take expensive meds forever either, SO I was just thinking maybe i could add more fiber in in other areas. Because I’m too lazy to do my own research I was wondering if anyone reading this wants to comment as to what they know about getting more fiber in their diet. Recipes. Things that don’t work. Whatever you’ve got.

And don’t forget to look at the blog a few down called “What a Moron!” It’s so funny you’ll need to watch it over and over again….especially the second video clip. The first clip makes me nervous and uncomfortable! :o)



  1. black beans baby! 🙂

  2. umm… this better not be a problem when you are up here!!!

  3. Fiber is my foe! It is highly overrated! Ease it in slowly like expensive gasoline (no pun intended) Doctors claim it is our cure-all. Immodium is my friend 🙂

  4. matt puts (generic) grape nuts cereal in his other cereals since eating it by itself is nasty. kind of counter balances the milk.

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