Posted by: mosblog | September 27, 2007

Teaching Bella About Womanhood

So it’s that time for me right now….time to be angry about nothing, crave chocolate, and be annoyed at everthing and everyone. Time to eat bad foods and want to be thin at the same time, but giving in to the bad foods thing always. Ah yes, the joys of being a woman!

Bella kept wanting stuff this morning and I was obviously not wanting to talk to her or anyone else and she asked me why I couldn’t play with her. I said, “Because I have problems.” She asked, “What’s the problem?” I replied, “My problem? It’s, uh, that I’m a girl!” She looks at me, cocks her head to the side with a disgusted look on her face and says “You want to be a BOY????” She has a point. At least I’m not a boy!



  1. she had some good logic going there! 🙂

  2. Being a boy rules!

  3. I used to think girls were neater when they used the bathroom but after two weeks working at school that rule is down the toilet!

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