Posted by: mosblog | October 10, 2007

Crafting Craving

So ever since the weather turned I’ve been DYING to knit and crochet!!! I made Emily a hat. And when I gave it to her a few of you put in an order for your own. <blush> I also started a scarf, but I don’t like it so I’m pulling it apart later. Today I bought like 6 balls of yarn and I have some fun things planned for them (felted bag, some more hats, etc). I also bought some fleece material to make some hats. I’m so EXCITED!!!

Also, I’m going to take the beginning knitting class at Perlz in Kelseyville which I’m REALLY excited about!!!

Are you craving a craft right now? And if so, what is it? And are you working on it??? I’d love to hear from all of you!



  1. the scarf looked really good i thought…it was great colors…:) i’ve been wanting to get into crocheting again but i need to learn the correct way to do it, i’m kinda scared to learn knitting, it seems way harder for some reason although i’ve never tried. i’ve wanted for a long time to make a blanket, maybe start with one for my nephews and then work up to a full size one for me or as a nice gift… you can knit a blanket can’t you?? my coworker gave me a pattern for knitting a baby blanket, but maybe crocheting one is easier?

  2. i started knitting a hat for paige last week. and i have been baking enough to feed a college dorm, because i am feeding a college dorm (my bro’s). good times.

  3. You are sooo awesome monica! i loved the hat you made for emily. my next project is socks or slippers for people to put on when they come into my cold house. the floor is pretty but c o l d !

    have you considered a knit/crochet group?

  4. I am writing this at 5:30 Friday morning and it is raining outside. Our first “real” rain, yeah! Anyways, this kind of weather makes me want to work on my photo albums and since I got to go on a 3 day retreat last weekend I probably shouldn’t sit around and do more scrappin’ today. It sure would be more fun than cleaning house!

  5. this is such a beautiful post, monica. makes me want to take out my needles and yarn and just knit, knit, knit…

    trouble is, everyone has a scarf or a hat knit by me! i’m up to the challenge! let’s do socks 🙂

    do i hear an amen out there in the crowd?

  6. I’m craving a craft. Craft Macaroni and Cheese! Yum!

    On a side note…who built that Perlz site? It’s awesome!

  7. Just checking out your blogsite. We are going to set one up one of these days so you can all see our not so exciting life’s.

    I am working on a craft. It’s called moving. My house is my art and it’s falling appart. We dilivered the first load today at 5am. I am sure our neighbors love us.

    Anywho, nice to hear what your up to. Miss you guys.

    Drew and Lissa

  8. Is there any spell check on here? Dang! I’m in trouble.

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