Posted by: mosblog | October 21, 2007

Day #3 in Spokane

Saturday was a glorious day! We started the day off with pedicures at the prestigious Spa Paradiso in downtown. Alleluia!! We were taken to the women’s lockers where we received robes and flip flops. We stripped most of the way down, put on the robes and sat around in the Serenity Room drinking beverages and reading magazines and talking to other women until it was time for the pedicures. Our pedicures were done by two GREAT ladies who totally pampered us with leg massages, and so much more. It was fabulous! We both got a new fall color on our toes….a chocolate brown with some shimmer in it. We then went back to the Serenity Room to hang out while our toes dried, then changed (deciding to skip using their showers, and all the pampering in the locker area). The bathrooms were so nice that you dried your hand on your own personal little towel, then threw it in the towel bin. No paper towels!

We then went to the mall to do a bit of shopping at Gap and Nordstroms (just window shopping for sweet shoes). After that we ate AWESOME Chinese food at P.F. Changs were we tried lettuce wraps which sound weird and gross but are EXTREMELY good (ask Steve, he had our leftovers as part of his payment for watching all 3 kids for 4 hours!).

After that we went to Boo Radley’s  (the web site doesn’t do it justice AT ALL!)and I bought lots of fun gifts. It’s this store that you  could spend HOURS in and buy lots of things and just be so happy when you leave….and then go again the next day to buy more stuff. I only bought myself one thing. A Toothless Annies t-shirt. It rules!

After that we went to a couple more shops, then came home. Side note: it was Fa-reezing outside!

Gotta go to church. I’ll finish this later.



  1. please tell me more so i can become increasingly jealous of you two…the chocolate toenail color is hardly enough to bear! 🙂 i’m really glad you got to have this vaca…these type of trips need to happen for us girls much more often!!

  2. I just love having my toenails done. My favorite part is the hot rocks on my legs!
    The only thing I know about Boo Radley is strange collections! So…
    Sounds like a great vacation 🙂

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