Posted by: mosblog | October 22, 2007

Day #4 in Spokane

Here we are at 11pm on Sunday night, getting ready for bed. Thought I’d blog about today now since tomorrow I’ll have to be at the airport at noon.

We went to church this AM to Faith Bible Church. The sermon was great! Great preacher guy, AND Steve stayed home with the two little ones (he went to the early service) so they could have a nap while we were gone. So nice!

All afternoon we sewed a new quilt for Addie’s room. It was actually me teaching Brooke how to sew and her putting it all together. We make a great team!

Then, this evening we did some shopping at Michael’s Crafts and at Target. Yay! Then we met Jenny Wilcox for coffee and delicious foods at Service Station where the David Crowder Band was playing in the next room over.

Oh, and I did my hair up in a semi-faux-hawk. I was inspired by a waitress at PF Changs. Maybe you all will get a taste of it when I get back.

Noah’s ready to be home. Yesterday he was walking around while I was gone talking on a toy cell phone just saying “Dadadadada’ over and over again. He’s tired of me leaving him each day in a house that’s new with people who seem new. Also, Eric said Bella needs me home to get her back in a schedule and in to good naps again. And I’m ready to be home now that I’m recharged and inspired and have a few new yarning things to do, etc.

All in all this trip has been fantastic! Can’t wait to do it again in November!!!



  1. You sound so happy sweetie. I’m glad you had a great time. I must admit I’m a tad jealous that you got to spend time with my girl!

    I hope you took lots of pictures 🙂

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