Posted by: mosblog | October 29, 2007

Explaining something to a 4-year-old

So Bella’s verse for AWANA this week is “All things were made by Him…” John 1:3. The confusing part is when she says “God didn’t make everything. He didn’t make cars. People made cars.” My response was, “Yes, but God made people and he gave them the ideas and he made the stuff that they use to make cars.” Her response was, “Yes, but he didn’t make the cars. People did.” Ugh!!! Any tips on clearing this up?


  1. Let me know when you have any bright ideas! My boys are already too smart for me. By the way, Aaron Shust is coming to the Service Station soon.

  2. “Because I’m the Mom and I said so.”? 😉

    That will work for a little while.

  3. She’s workin you Monica! God made ALL the people, ALL the stuff and ALL the ideas. Give her a really yummy cookie. Have her eat ALL of it. Nice full tummy and no room left for argument (we hope!)

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