Posted by: mosblog | November 1, 2007

Bella’s Song

Bella makes up songs. I decided to write this one down. Hardly able to keep up with her singing… Just remember, you read it here first. All rights reserved. While reading it just keep doing a sing-songy slow melody and you’ll basically have the jist of it. Here goes…

Loving your neighbors
       is always here to love you too.
I love my God. He’s our father forever. He will never stop loving us.
Your neighbor loves us.
They always here to love my prince (points to Noah).
      He is always a handsome boy.
      His name is Noah.
      He wants to bow.
I know you Lord, forever.
Swimming mermaid all over the ocean.
He flipper.
      He won’t.
I know you Noah, my prince.
He loves to me.
      He loves me very much.
      Tap his head.
      I love him very much.
Go to sleep.
I look to spine.
Your God forever will bow.



  1. O.K. I’m going to prepare a stage for her to come over and sing to us. Shall I serve popcorn?

  2. such theology.

  3. Your neighbors are my old landlorsd. Was she referring to them? I love the part about the mermaid!

  4. I’ve heard that song before. I believe Neil Diamond wrote it. Sorry.

  5. OK. It’s confirmed that we truly have a genius songwriter on our hands. I’m going to have to get more serious about her piano lessons so that she can begin to write her own music too.

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