Posted by: mosblog | November 1, 2007

Halloween Thoughts

So I hate Halloween. And when I say hate I really mean it. Here’s the deal. It’s all fun and cute when the little kids get dressed up and get candy and have little parties. The part I hate is how people try to wear the scariest, grossest costumes. Or other people (like a few of our neighbors) put wretched decorations ALL over the front of their house so that the kids going up to trick-or-treat are beside themselves with fear. And speaking of trick-or-treating, what is that all about anyway? Oy.

So to make it even more of a horrible holiday, this year as we were putting the kids to bed Noah started really fretting. Something was really wrong. I had never seen anything like this before. He had a grip on me and was crying this strange cry I have rarely heard. It wasn’t an I’m-too-tired, or I’m-not-tired, or I’m-hungry cry. It was a cry of fear. He was scared. Of what, I can only imagine. I tried laying him down anyway (after praying for him) and he just kind of shrieked (like, a don’t-leave-me-mom!). So, I got him up and just held him and rocked him for a long time. Just kind of to calm him. It must have worked because once I laid him down again he went to sleep. Was it a coincedence that this strange behavior was on halloween night? I don’t think so. There really are demons and evil here. Our battle, as Christians is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of wickedness (paraphrased from Eph 6).

I have plenty of my own crazy freaky nightmares at night. I already have my own fears even in my own house. I don’t need help being more afraid by inviting evil in because of some terrible holiday. Some of you may be wondering why I would even “celebrate” halloween, to which I would say that Bella attends preschool and they have a party there. We don’t want to shut off what the rest of the world is doing, but rather turn it into an opportunity to learn, and teach, and grow.

On a good note, Bella went through all of her candy this morning and every time she found a duplicate piece of candy she put it in a baggie for Eric or a baggie for me. What a sweetie pie. Sharing her candy like that! Especially the fact that she gave me her only piece of Snickers candy.


  1. I’m so sorry Noah had a bad time. You should have come over to my house with the kids!
    Added to all the scary costumes, I had two 21 year olds that were higher than a kite trick or treating for munchies. Good times!

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