Posted by: mosblog | November 9, 2007

Roller Derby names for Brooke

So I came up with the following names for Brooke, my BFF who is now a roller derby girl (or at least is going to their practices, the season is about over). She’ll need a name come next season, so read what I wrote, give me some feedback, and then let me know if you think of anything. And it’s bad form to use anything that has to do with her real name.

Mo Yewdown (in honor of me, of course!)
Mel Choskin (She’s so fast your skin melts off!)
Jane Austickitoya (a shout out to beautiful books!)
Cinderhellyeah (I crack myself up!)
Star Kravingmad (her motif can be stars)
Fire Dup (at what point do I need to quit suggesting names that are more me than Brooke?)
Poison Ivy (probably already taken)
The BakeHer (She beats ‘em and bake’s ‘em til they’re done!) (*my personal fave)



  1. i’m gonna have to go with jane austickitoya, it has that class that Brooke resounds yet it has that bad*ss about her too

  2. You can read my comment on Brooke’s blog.

  3. part of me feels inclined to mention i’m probably too old to comment on this blog entry but the other part of me (the one that has been known to enjoy “taking a walk on the wild side” 😉 would like to cast a vote for cinderhellyeah.

    somehow the mix of knee pads and a tiara just seems to work!

    on a personal note, my uncle used to date one of the original roller derby queens back in the day. it’s in the blood.

  4. Monica,

    Sorry I havn’t responded to the blog yet. It is hilarious! This is a format where you can definitely shine (more so than real life). I’m in Florida for a few days so how about these for prospects:

    Skids (this is a double meaning – especially what people do in their pants when they see Brooke coming . . . you know, you have young children)

    Beetdown (for Dwight Schrute and what she will be laying down if ya know what I’m saying)

    Sasquash (it has squash in it)
    The Crush (not like in high school)
    Blindsider (not the band)
    Jack u up (obvious)
    kamakazi (fun word)

    That’s what I have for now. Hope the kiddies are doing well. I’m praying for my little girl. : )


  5. i like the new ideas. so many good ones to choose from!

  6. I’m laughing so hard right now!!! Monica, you have to come back up so we can plan a motif for her and then go shopping!

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