Posted by: mosblog | November 17, 2007

Bella reveals her husband to us!

So it all started when Bella asked Dad if I could carry him. That led to whether Dad could carry me. Bella then informed Eric that she could carry her husband. He asked, “You have a husband?” To which Bella replies, “Yes!” Eric asks, “What’s his name?” Bella replies “Helvis.” No, that’s not a typo. It’s like Elvis, but with an H before it!

Of course, Eric then asked what Helvis’ last name is (because we thought with a great first name like Helvis there’s got to be some amazing last name). She replied that it is Schlange. Eric went over the whole “You can’t marry someone who is related to you so they will have a different last name than you have now” thing with her. She thought for a while (while Eric mentioned last names like Smith and Magilacuty) and decided it’s Helvis Starks. Eric’s reply, “Way to branch out from the family there, Bella.” She took it as a compliment.



  1. My boys want to marry me. I guess we need to have the same little talk.

  2. i wonder if her hubby “hails” from Mississippi??

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