Posted by: mosblog | November 20, 2007

No news is boring news…

So I haven’t written for a while mainly because there’s nothing to write about. We’ve been sick. The kids and I. Which means I’ve been mean and tired. Well, really I’m mean all the time, but now I’m tired too and have an excuse for both! Yay!

Also, I have some pics to share but just changed computers so I don’t have the ease of my old computer of putting pics up. Don’t give up on me. I will entertain you all soon enough. Ha!

I’m weird.



  1. As far as being mean goes–after reprimanding one of my boys yesterday, he asked me, “Are you on the devil’s team?”

  2. i love you even though you are mean 🙂

  3. guess i’m glad i didn’t end up riding with you on saturday….cuz you were tired of course! 🙂

  4. #1 You couldn’t be mean if you tried

    #2 Your “weirdness” endears you to me! I tend to have my
    weird moments too.

    #3 Quit being so tired and share those pictures with us! What are you, pregnant or something??

    I love you 🙂

  5. Just to clear things up….I AM NOT PREG!!!!! It’s not that I’m too TIRED to put the pics up, it’s that I don’t have the right hardware for my computer to put them on there. Patience, my friend. Patience. And they really aren’t all that exciting….you may be getting amped up over nothing.

  6. Oh, and Kristin….are you quoting Bella? She’s told me that before. Maybe a few days before she said “You’re very beautiful even when your hair is messy.” It wasn’t messy, I tell ya! 🙂

  7. 🙂

  8. One more comment…your skin looks beeutifull!!

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