Posted by: mosblog | December 4, 2007

Crafty Bella

Last night we put the kids to bed and started watching a movie. As it far too often goes Bella will get up 15-45 minutes later and say things like “I have growing pains. I’m scared. I need a drink of water. I had a bad dream.” Pretty much anything to let her get back up.

This time she didn’t come out. Instead I heard a noise come from her bedroom. Eric went in to check on her and instead of finding her in bed he found her up on a really tall stool searching through all of the junk on top of her dresser. Anyway, so he walked in, looked at her and all she did was look at him and say, “You’re nice. I love you.”

It didn’t work, but it was a good try!



  1. Great tactic, I wish I would have tried this one when I was little. I was just too pathetic to be forthright! Now that I’m older and “wiser” I will take lessons from Bella. You Go Girl!

  2. Another Bella thing you’ll like….Bella was hanging out with a young friend the other day and an older, slightly crazy lady we know but haven’t seen in a while approached both girls. The lady looked at Bella’s friend and told her she was looking fat and should probably do some running. The little girl told her that she runs a little bit and the lady told the little girl not to worry that it’ll come off in no time. Bella kept trying to interject and then said to the lady, “It’s not nice to tell people things like that.” Good girl!

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