Posted by: mosblog | December 4, 2007

My bouncing baby boy!

I just had to write what Noah’s up to now. I LOVE the stage he’s in right now. It’s so much fun. He’s a total sponge and mimics everything we say and do….almost, anyway.

He has a few more words in his vocab now. He says “Ba” for Ball, and can say quite a few animal sounds (although at times he does Meow when he should Moo). When in doubt he just growls. He also sputters through his lips whenever he sees a vehicle…mostly large trucks.

A couple nights ago Bella taught him how to blow kisses. So fun! And speaking of kissing…when Eric says goodbye to him in the morning he goes down to kiss him and says “Give me a kiss” and Noah opens wide for a wet one. Yick, but funny!

Lately he has been taking some spills as he’s becoming more adventerous. It seems that if he gets a mark 99% of the time he gets it on his head or face. I’m not too surprised seeing as his head is half of his body weight. It’s hard to get that thing out of the way during a fall! He currently has two bruises on his forehead right on top of each other, and one on his cheek (as seen in the pic). The one on his cheek is from standing in a tall laundry basket, it tipping over and his face landing on the edge of one of Bella’s doll cradles.

And I think the cutest thing he’s done lately is I was in the kitchen getting us ready to go and he wanted to be held. So I told him a couple of times to go get his socks so we could leave. He promptly turned around, marched into his bedroom, marched back out and handed me one of his socks. It was the CUTEST thing ever! He’s so smart! He loves to mess with his socks and he loves to wear shoes…mostly other people’s so they are big enough for him to put on himself.

I’m sorry, but he’s the cutest little boy I have ever known!!! And the only kid who is right up there with him is little Abram David. He sure does love his Auntie!! And she loves his big kissable cheeks!



  1. I think he is pretty special too! Too bad Asher can’t appreciate him like we do 🙂 He is a sweet little boy!

  2. Man I hate being away. When we were there last both boys were crawling and drooling. Now I hear what they are doing and I think you are lying.
    Oh well, Christmas will be here soon. We are SO excited.

  3. Hey Drew! I’m not lying, I swear! You’re right the boys were crawling and drooling….now they are walking and drooling! Not that much has changed! 🙂

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