Posted by: mosblog | December 13, 2007

Goodbye and Good Riddance!!!

We just sold our Ford Explorer….for the second time!!! We had sold it to a lady almost 2 years ago and stupidly took payments from her. She missed so many of them (without contacting us as to why) that last year we repossesed it from her right about this time of year. She called Eric begging for another chance and because he loves people he said yes, under certain terms (plus it was right before Christmas!). Anyway, she paid for a while and then missed 3 or 4 more payments and so we just repo’d it from her once and for all. Ugh! She was only like $500 from paying the whole thing off, but after being given an extra year’s worth of time to pay it off (with no questions asked!) we couldn’t handle it anymore.

 So, Eric has been driving it to work so people would see it on Main Street. It worked! Someone came by today, paid cash, got is smogged and took the pink slip!!! Praise Jesus! We are done with that thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. wow. that’s crazy! selling cars seems a quite difficult process. the guy that bought the red capri convertable from us never renewed the license at the DMV under his name (we had just paid it before selling it). then a couple months after we moved, he started using it as a getaway car for robbing places. he was also driving through the golden gate bridge without paying. while trying to fix the paperwork mess for the tolls that weren’t ours, we found out that matt had a warrant out for his arrest because the car was still in his name!!! good thing we made copies of all our paperwork and we lived out of state!

  2. See where loving people gets you?

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