Posted by: mosblog | December 14, 2007

Noah’s Sock Graveyard

So you know how you lose socks because the dryer eats them for lunch? Well, I was realizing that Noah’s socks were dwindling very quickly. He has this thing with shoes and socks. He likes to wear other people’s shoes and he likes to take off his socks.

 So anyway, I was cleaning his room the other day and noticed some stuff under his crib but near the wall. I pulled the crib out and there was a HUGE pile of his socks. Apparently he’s been (and continues to) taking off his socks in bed and shoving them down between the rails and the wall…just in one place though. Weird!



  1. missing socks are the mystery that keeps us human (and humble) just go with the flow…months from now that “missing” sock will show up!

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