Posted by: mosblog | December 16, 2007

We may have found renters…

So for those of you who don’t know, we’re trying to find someone to rent our house from us beginning about January 15th so that we can move into a larger house out on Bottle Rock Road in Kelseyville. I listed our place on Craig’s List and the next day we got a response (it’s also in the Record-Bee and there’s a sign up on the front). Today the husband of the family came and looked at the place and said he loved it. He pretty much said he wanted it before even walking around. I kind of had to encourage him to look at the whole thing. It sounded like they just really wanted a house and it seemed fine from just walking into it! Yay!

So the family is living about an hour+ away right now while the man finishes up training for a managerial position at Safeway, then they’ll move here. On top of that, they have two little boys, one is 3 and the other is 1. And to top it all off they are saved! As in, they believe in Jesus and are Bible-thumpin’ Baptists! Man, the Lord really dropped this into our laps. When the guy left he asked that we give him until Monday to work out the details with Safeway to give him his relocation money so he can put a deposit on it. He’s afraid we’ll find someone else to rent it, I guess. 🙂 I can’t believe this!!!

 We’re just praying that they work out because they seem like really nice, decent people who would take care of our house. As soon as he gives us his deposit we’ll let our new landlords (Uncle Glenn and Aunt Anita) know that we want their place and then we’ll start packing right after Christmas and move in sometime around January 10th to the 15th. This is insane to think about!!! It’s cool to know though that even though we’re moving we can always move back in to this place if we want to/have to.



  1. Are you buying one of Glenn and Anita’s houses up there? Which one will you live in?

  2. No, No and NOOO!!! You cannot move, you will not move…o.k. if God wants you to move I’ll get with the program. But, how dare you move without consulting me first??? We are officially not talking 😦

  3. Jenny– we’re renting from them. The house down below the barn. Not sure if you saw it once they added on, but it’s almost twice as big as our house now. 3 car garage, 3 bedrooms, covered deck, etc.

    And Nancy– I sent all of the neighbors a letter requesting to be able to move. I’m surprised you didn’t get yours. Everyone else said it was fine so I figured you would too! 🙂

  4. Quick update….our new renters hope to have the deposit by Thursday. If so, we’ll be able to confirm with Glenn and Anita then that we’re moving and I can start REALLY packing and such. Hard to think about right now when it’s pouring rain outside!

  5. need help moving?

  6. I still veto the move. I can’t imagine not having you around the corner. Why do you need a bigger house? Don’t you know I’m super attached to having you around the corner? Bah Humbug :->

    [totally (tongue in cheek humor, ) While I’m not happy you are moving, 😦 I am happy you will have what you want!]

  7. I can’t even leave my bug there anymore to sell it. I am glad you guys are moving to a place you need.

  8. Can I cook you dinner? I am truly happy and sad at the same time :-}

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