Posted by: mosblog | December 20, 2007

Eric’s REAL Dads!

So the actual MythBusters show from Discovery Channel was in Lakeport today filming! We went and watched a bit of it and I really wanted Eric to be able to get a picture with Jamie and Adam, the two guys that everyone says Eric looks like. My brother Jeff thinks they are triplets! Anyway, we weren’t able to stay long enough to get photos, so I grabbed a few from google and put them together so you all could see who Eric’s REAL Dads are! Enjoy!




  1. I know the handsome guy in the middle, but who are those putzes on either side of him? And where can I get a moustache like that handsome middle guy? It’s splendid.

    If they’re a gay couple, the one on the left (Adam) is definitely the woman.

  2. I always knew that Steve was not Eric’s real brother!

  3. i always that he looked like them too

  4. i’ve always wanted a moustache like that too, it’s delightful!

  5. p.s. the guy on the right looks like the woman to me, he’s got that fem smile & dimple.

  6. the resemblence is scary!! where were they filming at?

  7. Hmmm…Eric said the guy on the left and called him Adam…but the guy on the left is Jamie. The redhead is Adam. And they filmed at the fairgrounds in the covered arena above the speedway.

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