Posted by: mosblog | January 8, 2008

5 days and counting…

Well, except for one area outside and the things we need for the week, we’re done packing! Wahoo! We now have 4 different lists going of things that need to be done. They are called: “Before Friday,” “Friday,” “Saturday AM,” and “Sunday.”

I officially am on a laptop only. No docking station. No printer (it was Edge’s and I’m no longer the secretary). We officially are eating only stuff from the freezer…so tonight is pumpkin bread, fish sticks, and peaches. 🙂

This whole thing is still very foreign to me. The whole experience is very surreal.

Oh, and Bella’s program’s all start back up this week…so I’m really glad we’re on top of everything! Dance and AWANA tomorrow, Preschool on Wed and Fri, Play Group on Thursday. It’ll be nice to get in the swing of things again. Of course, it dawned on me just a few days ago that Dance class for Bella will be horribly inconvenient and expensive (gas!), so we told her she only has two more weeks left. She’s bummed…but we are going to try to find a class that is when we’re already in town. Either another dance class or a gymnastics class or something.

This is scattered. Sorry. 5 days until dial up!

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