Posted by: mosblog | January 11, 2008

Bella learned a new skill!

This morning I came out to finish getting the kids ready to go and Bella was sitting in front of the heater with jeans and shoes on (no shirt or unds, btw). She was concentrating really hard on a book given to her by her Auntie Em, Uncle Dave, Cousin Lilla and Cousin Abram. It’s a book on how to tie your shoes. And let’s just say….she figured it out! I mean, I had to help her understand some of the things the illustration said, but by the time she went to preschool she had tied a good half dozen shoes.

Her problem area was her own Cons. She just could not get them….so I ripped the shoestrings off of my Cons and put them on hers. Now she can tie them and then has to stuff the extra 6 feet of lace into her shoe. Of course, I made her take her boots to school with her in case Miss Terrie and Miss Jeanne got tired of helping her with her extra long laces. They tie so many kids’ shoes each day it gets ridiculous.

Anyway, my “little girl” isn’t so little anymore. Oy! Time flies!



  1. I’m impressed! My poor kids are still in velcro shoes.

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