Posted by: mosblog | January 23, 2008

Random “I’m on dial-up” Stuff

So I’m on dial up now so this will be a random post. Oy.

We’re in our new place and love it. It’s cozy…and by that I mean it’s way bigger than we need (yay!). We’re nearly done unpacking.img_2423.jpg

We got snow last night. 6”! Supposed to snow another 6” tonight, so we’ll see how long I’ll be staying home….maybe until the end of this week? Our driveway has some steep spots that the car has a hard time with.

I’ve posted pics on my Picasa from the move and from the snow. Check them out!




  1. You took your doors with you?

  2. I was a little confused by your question. Of course we took our doors. What else would we close our house up with?

    Actually, that door is red on one side and was our old front door. I love it and want to use it as some sort of decorative piece someday….like smash all of the glass out and have ivy growing through it. It’s an antique. Yum!

  3. i’m so jealous of all of your snow!!! i’ve been dying to go up there with the fam to see how Asher reacts to it….one day…:)

  4. You might want to warn your tenants, I have always coveted your red front door!

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