Posted by: mosblog | January 23, 2008

There’s no excitement like SNOW excitement!

Last night it snowed a few more inches at our house, so today Bella and I went out while Noah napped (he does NOT like the snow!!!).

First Bella and I built a huge snowman. It would have been bigger but I couldn’t lift much more than I already did for his mid-section. One observation was that in all my life of living in Lake County I’ve never lived anywhere where once you were done building the snowman there was still plenty of snow on the ground. It finally happened here!

Then Bella and I walked around the house and took pictures. You can see more at my Picasa under “New House.”

Then we made snow angels and tried sledding, which didn’t work because we didn’t go up a big enough hill.

Then we walked around some more and took more pics when I came across some really cool tracks in the snow. At least, I thought they were cool until I realized they looked very much like they could be from the Mountain Lion that was spotted up by Boone’s house on Sunday. I rushed Bella inside since I hadn’t found out anything about Mountain Lions (do you curl up and play dead, or scream and yell and look big, or just run as fast as you can?). Anyway, after running inside and locking the door (who knows how smart these cats are!) I did research online. Tt was Mountain Lion tracks and you don’t run or crouch, you look as big as you can and even yell at it and throw rocks. In Eric’s words if you see a Mountain Lion “consider yourself lucky.” I’ll only do that if I see it from inside the house! With the doors all locked, of course.



  1. You- sa country folk now just like ‘dem cusins out on highland springs. Ya better know how to load that there shotgun of yours.

  2. you might as well be living in spokane (hint, hint)
    love the pics…eric looks really skinny. and you, as always look beautiful.

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