Posted by: mosblog | February 11, 2008


I took Bella to the hospital today (because it’s Sunday and the Dr’s office is closed). 3 LONG hours later they said she has a hint of Pneumonia, mostly bronchitis, two ear infections (one of which has a huge puss pocket and will probably burst and take 3 months to heal, but it’s not a huge deal), and I suppose that’s it. Oy!

For those of you who haven’t heard (this is related, in a way), Grampy (Keith Bridges) is in the hospital in Santa Rosa waiting for a 5-way bypass surgery on his heart. Steve and Brooke decided to drive down to see him before the surgery because there is a bit of a chance he won’t make it through (not that the Dr said that, but there’s just an underlying feeling, I suppose). So, that means that if Bella’s sick she’ll need to be quarantined for the next day (until her antibiotics kick in) from any and all people who are planning on seeing Grampy. Please pray that Eric, Noah and I (and anyone else already exposed) don’t get what she has! We’d all like to hang out with family and not be sick!



  1. Hey, I have room at my house for anyone who wants to stay quarantined. We have major allergies but no major illnesses.

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