Posted by: mosblog | March 31, 2008



So we finally took pictures of our new dog, Calvin. He’s a Shar Pei mix. He never has to be tied up because he hangs out at the house without needing to be. He’s a nice dog and the kids are getting more brave around him (Bella is braver than Noah. She even lets him eat a dog treat right out of her hand!). There are more pics on my picasa, so check them out!




  1. Calvin sure takes some nice close-ups on your Picasa! 🙂 How nice that you don’t have to keep him tied up…I always feel bad for doggies that don’t have any room to roam around.

  2. Calvin is an awesome dog!!! I think he looks older than his age (maybe it’s the wrinkles?) Congrats on your puppy!

  3. you are now “officially” my favorite people! anyone who can welcome a dog (especially a big dog) into their family has what it takes to make our world better! Thank you 🙂

  4. you know, they say over time you start to look like your pet. this concerns me because i don’t want monica walking around with her tongue hanging out of her super-wet mouth and begging for treats when i say “good girl!”

  5. Man, talk about owners looking like their pets–that bottom pictures makes me wonder how long it’ll be before my ears get floppy!

  6. Mo-You look kind of intimidated by Ole’ Calvin in the pics:-) He looks harmless enough~ Miss you guys!

  7. Does this mean no more babies?

  8. Brooke– I’ve been begging for treats from you for years! Triple Layer Chocolate Cake!!!

    Katie– I am not a dog person yet….getting there, but I haven’t arrived completely. I’m not so much intimidated as much as I just don’t want to smell like him! 🙂

    And Jenny– it’d be fine by me, but there’s nothing official in the works.

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