Posted by: mosblog | April 7, 2008


So the kids and I are on a road trip right now (almost 2,000 miles round trip!), which I didn’t tell too many people about or write about it on my blog because we planned to surprise a few people during it (two avid blog readers of mine 🙂 ).

We left Thursday afternoon, drove 3 hours to Redding and stayed the night with Melanie and Kennedy. SO good to see them! (they knew we were coming).

On Friday we left at 9:30 am and drove up to Portland with a few stops on the way at a park and dinner eats. We arrived at 6:55 pm, in time for a 7 pm surprise birthday party for my brother Drew. He just turned 30! We got to see Andrew and Kelly Hook and Robbie, Katie (Elissa’s sister), and Elissa’s Dad and Grandparents at it. So fun! We stayed the night with Drew and Elissa (Lissy knew we were coming, but Drew did not and was happy), and with Cole, their large German Shepherd. Good times.

On Saturday we started out 45 minutes behind schedule, but still left at 10:45 am heading for Spokane. We arrived (after only one stop) in Spokane at about 5:15pm. Steve knew we were coming, but Brooke, who was having “the worst day of my life” did not. Steve told her he had a surprise for her in the back yard. She came out and saw Bella and Noah standing there and then further back was me! She was very excited and kept saying (about 3 octaves higher than usual) “What? No way! What? What are you doing here? What?” She was so happy and kept hugging me and trying to figure out what was going on. It was really cool!

We’re still in Spokane. We’ve been to a couple roller derby things (practice and wheel maintenance, etc), went shopping at Boo Radleys!!!, watched a chick flick while eating chocolate chip cookie dough, took the kids to Mobius (an indoor exploratorium/fun center) and then to Red Robin, went shopping a little bit more, and so on and so forth. Life is good!

We set out tomorrow to head back home. I’m not sure exactly when and where we’ll be staying…if we’ll do the same trip, just in reverse, or what. It’s not nearly as exciting driving home as it is driving up here. But the kids were great on the way up, so even though we’re all a bit more tired and all, I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

I’ll post pics sometime when I get back. I don’t have anything amazing, but I’ll post them anyway.



  1. Soo…I called Jenny~~she knew you were in town. I feel so totally out of the loop!
    Is it because I’m OLD?? Because there are laws against that you know 🙂

    On a serious note~~I hope you are having a great time away from Lake County. You are missing the total Redbud Bloom but I guess you can catch up when you return!

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