Posted by: mosblog | April 9, 2008

Reason #471 Why Not To Stay In A Hotel

Even when clean, nice families stay in hotels things get dirty…’s what happened.

So I have, uh, this friend. She took her two kids to a hotel in Shmalem, Shmoregon (I’m surprised you’ve never heard of the place). Her one year old son had wet through his pants so she changed him and let him run around nudey. A bit later she noticed him going to pick up a pod off the floor. That pod was next to another one which both happened to be poo he just let go. Sick! I hope I never stay at that hotel!!!



  1. i went to shmalem, shmoregon once and found dirty toilet paper in my bed.
    or so the rumor goes.

  2. Been there~~many years ago. That wasn’t a fresh “pod” on the floor. Sorry 😦

  3. That is so gross!
    I like to watch this show on tv that is called Jon and Kate, plus 8. They have a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. Anyways, they went on a road trip not too long ago and stayed at a hotel and whenever the kids wanted to walk around the room they had to put their shoes on. She was being so paranoid about how many germs are on the floor. But maybe she is this way because she stayed at the same hotel as all of you.

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