Posted by: mosblog | April 14, 2008

The Conversation of Cousins

Bella and Lilla were playing Barbies in Bella’s room today and the following conversation unfolded. They started out jumping on the bed.

Bella: Canella! Canella! Help! Help! Canella, help!

Lilla: I can’t.

Bella: Why?

Lilla: I’m jumping!

Bella: But I’m dying.

Lilla: Oh. Well, I’m jumping…..wait! Look, the police are coming!

Bella: Run!

Lilla: Okay, dis a minute. Bella, wanna change the dresses on our Barbies?

Bella: Oh, sure!



  1. hil-arious! 🙂 sounds like the conversations i’ve been having lately with my drugged up roommate! hee hee

  2. we probably sound the same way too, after our girl’s nights at janelle’s!!!

  3. too cute!

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