Posted by: mosblog | April 18, 2008

Flue? Flew? Flu!

Oy! I just got over a 30 hour flu. It sucked! Worst part is, I have no one to blame for it! I don’t know anyone else who had it….which means I probably got it from Grocery Outlet or Bruno’s. Yick! Think of the people who have touched those carts!! Double yick!

Anyway, it’s over now, I only barfed once. The worst was the 3 times where I was laying on the bathroom floor sweating and in severe pain everywhere thinking I might die and trying to focus when my eyes kept going black. OY!

My wonderful husband came home early yesterday from work to relieve me. He took care of the kids, set my room up so it felt better in it (even with the little things like twisting the cord to the blinds up so it didn’t bang on the wall when the wind blew in), made the food that we were to take to Community Group, did all of the dishes that were backed up for days, took both kids to CG with him, and offered to stay home all day today if I needed it. I love him!!!



  1. What a wonderful husband!
    I am glad that you are feeling better. See you at Mom’s party in just a bit.

  2. I too, am glad you are feeling better! This is one of the reasons (only one?) that I wish I was home more. I could have taken the kids, made soup, etc. I know we all have to go through these times to appreciate those around us but~~I’d rather not barf to come to the truth :-{

  3. I had the same thing last week up here in WA (even the laying on the bathroom floor sweating part). Then I took off to Seattle to visit Emily Day for the weekend, and Phil and the kids got it the day after I left. I felt TERRIBLE when I got home. šŸ˜¦

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