Posted by: mosblog | April 25, 2008

A small list of Noah’s words…

Any kind of vehicle with wheels= Broom Broom (like Vroom Vroom, but with a B (and be sure to let your lips bounce while you say the B parts)
Loud= Lou (no D)
More= Mo
Thank You= Me Me
Excuse Me= Me Me
Lilla= Lala
Bella= Bella (he now says it perfectly!)
Motorcycle= Dada Lou Broom Broom (Dad’s Loud Vehicle)
Dog= Ruh-Ruh
Open= Opeh
Turn on a movie please= he sits in front of the tv, points to it and says “Opeh”
Bath= bah
Those people are swimming= Bah! Bah! while pointing
Airplane= A. Pay
Frisbee= A. Pay
Kite= A. Pay
Yellow= Lellow


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