Posted by: mosblog | May 12, 2008

Black Thumb…

I’m pretty sure that if you look really hard at my thumb, you’ll notice it’s black. I can prove this by having you look at my plants in my house. They are dying. The biggest tragedy is, of course, my favorite plant which I just transplanted. I have no idea what kind of plant it is (why look up the name when you’re probably going to kill it anyway?)…but I LOVE it so I decided to put it in a bigger pot so it could grow bigger. I’m a fool and should have waited until Joanne got here so she could do it. Her thumb is bright green! Anyway, it’s dying now. Hopefully it can hang on until the weekend when Joanne will be here so she can try to work a miracle.



  1. I feel your pain…I have a black thumb for outdoor plants….but for some odd reason I can keep indoor ones alive…weird?? 🙂

  2. Should I even ask about the plants I just got you?

  3. Did Aunt Jo save it?

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