Posted by: mosblog | May 19, 2008

New Sewing Book

Sew, Brooke bought me a book for my birthday and it’s super cool! You all should get one too….assuming you can sew and read patterns. 🙂 I love it! It has tons of great, easy, affordable patterns in it…and it still allows me to put my creative spin on things. These aren’t your standard baptist grandmother’s things to sew!



  1. That is one of my favorite books too!
    *I read about your snake incident, I am ready to move too. We’ve been at our current house about a year, it is definately time to move on…no pun intended.

  2. I LOVE that book! I almost got it for Brooke for her birthday, but I got her red kitchen stuff instead.

  3. Hey girl. Have you ever been to these sites: or Wadrobe Refashion ( I feel like you would appreciate these with your your sewing genius and all…

  4. oh my…I missed your birthday 😦
    What a bad, bad “mother/friend am I” Off to the dungeon I say!!

  5. Katie– Thanks for the links! Love them!!!

    Nancy– A few years ago birthdays quit being as important to celebrate, so no biggie! 🙂

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