Posted by: mosblog | May 19, 2008

That’s it…we’re MOVING!!!

Today I decided we’re packing up and moving back in to town. I have had it up to HERE with wildlife and country living. I think I’ve braved it long enough and have tried to move past each new scray thing….but I’m done messing around and we’re moving this week!

The latest thing? I found the second snake of the season. The first one was on the side of the driveway. Bella found it. She was walking towards it because she “saw a pretty stick.” When it started slithering away from her she screamed and jumped back realizing it wasn’t a stick. That shook me up a bit. I think it was a rattlesnake, but I’m not totally sure. But, read on….

The thing that has sent me over the edge is the SECOND snake of the season! It was a BABY rattlesnake and it was IN MY GARAGE!!!!!!! I was in the car about to pull in and saw it slithering around. I drove over it but it was still slithering (although it did have some blood coming out of it’s side). So I got out and took a square-nose shovel and started smashing it. Each time I did so it would stick it’s head up back towards me and hiss with it’s mouth open. It was SO sick!!! And it was IN MY GARAGE!!!!! To add to it, today is Monday; laundry day. What normally would have happened is we never would have left this morning and Noah would have been playing in the garage while I was switching laundry around. He would have found it!!!!

I don’t want to be country anymore! I really want to move!!!!

For now though I want to go to my happy place (sewing!!!), but I have to go to the garage to wash my new fabric. ERGH!!!!

(P.S. Please don’t share your stories of snakes or tell me it’ll be fine. I need sympathy and for you to tell me that my life does suck and I should move.)



  1. are you really moving??? i like your place so much up there…but I will let you guys move back! 🙂

  2. Your Life Sucks!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Move back you city girl!

  3. Melissa– no, we’re not moving. Stink! 😦

    And Sara– you’re my new BFF!!!

  4. you should totally move. i mean, you should not have to live in such primitive conditions. it’s not safe for you or your children.
    (how’d i do???)

  5. Your life totally sucks and you should move to Portland (no rattlesnakes at all)

  6. Man, you all are doing very well! Although, there’s no way I’d move to Portland, Drew! 🙂

    Today Eric found a cockroach in the house. Yay!

  7. No snakes in Ptown (and Morton for that matter). And we have Avanti’s and snow. Wow. Is that all we have? OH wait the best godfather ever. I didn’t hit the wedding by the way. I didn’t see anyone and no one even mentioned getting together. We must be way too old. : )

    So move back somewhere else cool so I can come visit! Your life sounds not happy. : )

  8. Stop it right now!! Don’t move (unless it is next door to me!)

    Plant a really cool herb and tomato garden. Sew some retro aprons. Write a totally hip book on the year you lived “On the Mountain”. I’ll buy the first copy.

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