Posted by: mosblog | May 25, 2008

More things I’ve made…

You’d think I’ve been sewing like crazy, but really I’ve only spent a couple hours two different days to make these things! Yay!

The small brown flowered zippered pouch is for a friend’s birthday next week. It’s small, but could hold a few things of makeup, or notions, etc.

The fruit bag is just a fun bag I made incorrectly! Oops! Anyway, it has a pocket inside it and is fully lined. It has one strap shorter than the other so you can hold it as seen.

The green clutch is a larger version of a clutch in the book Brooke bought for me. I made it big enough to hold my Bible and a pen so I can take it to church and just throw it all in the diaper bag.

And the green and pink flowered top is for Bella. It took way too long to make so I won’t make her another one.




  1. SEW CUTE! I’m totally inspired! Have you ever thought about selling stuff on When we move somewhere that I actually have a place to put a sewing machine, I’ll be calling you for instructions. Where do you get all of your fabulous material??

  2. Hey Katie! I just found Etsy recently and have never considered selling anything on there. I haven’t taken enough time to look over the whole site….mainly because I’m on dial up so I know nothing about it. I’d love to sell my stuff though, just looking for the right venue, I guess.

    The material is mostly from Joanne’s Fabrics, Beverly’s fabrics, or Wal-Mart. Although I do love too. And sometimes I buy stuff on eBay as well. I’m going to be doing more shopping at Thrift Stores now too for clothes I can deconstruct, or just fabric in general. Oh, and at antique stores as well. We’ll see what comes of it.

    Moving to a house where I can leave my sewing stuff out all the time has made a WORLD of difference for me. You can’t be creative just any ole time when you have to haul everything out and take over the dining room for a week at a time. Oy! I’m living it up right now because you never know how much room we’ll have when we move again.

  3. Once Upon A Time…A beautiful, hip blonde decided to take pity on a “brunette” friend of hers. She decided this fake brown haired girl should have something, anything, hip to carry around with her (maybe a Bible totebag?)

    Magic Spell…Wand Waving with Sparkles…Voila

    Her totally old, “brown haired” friend became as hip and beautiful as her gorgeous friend. All because she sports a funky, retro bag! Hint…Hint…Hint!!

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