Posted by: mosblog | May 25, 2008

Mountain Lions and Snakes and Bugs….Oh My!

So I may need to start a whole new blog page thing just on the scary things happening at my house. Then I can turn it in to that book that Nancy was mentioning!

Friday morning Eric caught a Stink Bug on the floor in the kids’ bathroom. Yick! And then today I was searching for some Tiaras for Danielle and I to wear while beating the guys at Canasta (just had to throw all of that info in!) and I was digging in a plastic bin that was in the garage and a mouse ran past my hand! How it got in a plastic bin I’ll never know. But it’s the one with dress up stuff in it so I guess I need to clean it out and see what all it ate.




  1. and beat them we did!!!!!

  2. Just to clarify–the count now stands at 3 games for the boys, 3 games for the girls. So if you get to say you “beat” us, we get to also say we “beat” you.

    It’s true–Alan and I beat our wives.

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