Posted by: mosblog | June 11, 2008

Hanging on the telephone wire!

So Bella swore during the days before her birthday that she would no longer need to get in trouble once she turned 5. Um, not so!!!

Besides your average “bug your brother” stuff twice already she has chosen to lie as the first thing that comes out of her mouth. Ugh! We have a zero tolerance policy for lying (or telling stories, as it were) so we continue to crack down on her.

I actually cried today with her though as I punished her. I felt so bad for doing it but knew that if she doesn’t stop lying now she’ll lie for the rest of her life. And, as she knows because the Bible says so, lies are from satan. Sounds harsh, I know. Anyway, today when she lied she had her mouth washed out with soap, was given * spankings and was put on a 30 minute time out on her bed. For my heart’s sake I hope she doesn’t lie anymore.



  1. Monica,
    Praise God you can grieve with your child over sin. I wish we could all be as sensitive. Please know that the time you spend with your children now will last for eternity.

    Thank you for loving Jesus.

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