Posted by: mosblog | June 23, 2008

freakish thing last night

So last night I was driving home from a meeting around 10:30 pm. I was turning onto Bottle Rock from the Highway when an SUV was stopped at the stop sign at Bottle Rock getting ready to turn onto the Highway. As I turned he turned onto the Highway and stopped and just started honking and honking his horn. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with him, but Danielle had been behind me headed home so I slowed way down to make sure she got past him since he was blocking the traffic going the other way.

After she drove by the SUV pulled back on to Bottle Rock. I was freaked! I started driving about 70 miles an hour down the first straight aways and while my heart was POUNDING and my whole body shook I quickly (anc carefully at that speed) called Eric at home (had he waited another ring to pick up I would have hung up and dialed 911). The SUV caught up to me at the middle of the next straight away (he had to have been going over 100), got RIGHT on my tail and started flashing it’s lights and honking at me. I was SO scared, trying not to cry on the phone!

I asked Eric if I should drive past our house so the SUV didn’t know where I lived. He said no, to lead him right to our house and he’d come out with the shotgun. I said okay. At about that time I was going into the curves of the road and was hoping to outrun him in that part when the SUV pretty much slammed on his brakes and I think turned around on Bottle Rock as I never saw him again. I’ve never gotten home so fast in my life! I was shaking and totally freaked out by the time I got home. It took a while, a good book, and about 4 cookies to get me calmed down. Of course, my loving husband met me at the door with the shotgun in hand, with extra shells just in case the SUV was loaned with crazies, I guess.

About 400 things ran through my head during that chasedown…like “Is Eric in there and someone’s taking him to the hospital and they want me to stop so I can go with him (I discounted this as I didn’t recognize the vehicle and figured they will see me at my house in 4 miles and can tell me then (plus he answered the phone a bit later)?” “Should I call Jen (her hubby is a bigwig with the Sheriff’s Dept)?” “What should I do if he starts to shoot at me? (I would NOT have been surprised if he had!)” “Should I try to flip a fast U-y (like on Dukes of Hazzard!) and try to make him follow me to CHP?” “What happens if I hit a deer while I’m trying to get away?” “What the crap is his problem and what will he do once he sees I’m not who he was chasing down?” “What’s going to happen to the person he really was trying to chase down?”

It was CRAZY scary!!!!



  1. that is freaky. something similar happened to Katrina’s mom out on Scotts Valley Road recently….i am glad you are okay and I am sorry that you had to go thru that! 😦

  2. message to all the freaks driving around at night~~stay away from all my sweet friends! Follow your own kind like in the Outback or the Tundra.

    Glad you are o.k. Monica 🙂

  3. This reminds me of a story of a man who followed a girl home, stayed right on her tail and flashed his headlights at her. When she got home and ran to her husband at the door, the man emerged from his car and told her that there was someone in her back seat. He flashed his headlights at her every time the guy sat up and raised up a knife.

    Not a true story–I heard it at a slumber party. It’s one of those stories you never forget!

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