Posted by: mosblog | June 24, 2008

Noah’s Newest

Time for bragging on my boy!

It’s the cutest thing ever. I get in his face and say something like “Noah, don’t ever push your sister or you’ll get a spankin’ every time!” And he says to me “Uh-tay Mama.” Melts my heart!

And then there’s his newest name for Bella. All afternoon he’s been calling for her “Bella-Boo! Bella-Boo!” Technically it’s a nickname from before, but it’s adorable hearing him say it!

And the latest development is that he’s graduated to a toddler bed. The first few days of naps and nights he’d wake up when he was done sleeping and call for us as usual. We’d call for him to come on out and so he would. Then one night he got up over and over and over again when he was supposed to be sleeping. I think it continued on until around 10:30 or so. Even when he was spanked he’d still come out a bit later. Finally Eric brought out the BIG GUNS (the spanking spoon). One small spanking with that kept him in his bed the rest of the night…and he’s been fine ever since. He’s pretty scared of that spoon since he sees the pain it’s caused Bella.

Next I’ll be bringing out the potty chair for him to start getting used to. Only problem is, I can’t find the little wiener cover thing that goes on the front of it. Guess I should probably find that before letting him pee on it! I have to go buy m&m’s anyway. He’s very easily lured by candy! Should be fun!



  1. P.S. I might mention too that Bella’s pants haven’t been on fire much lately. She really has to think about it but more and more chooses the truth! Yay!

  2. Noah is in a toddler bed? AND potty training? He is just a baby!
    Abram… are so far behind!

  3. I like the term “weiner cover”….haha 🙂

  4. Monica,
    Do what the rest of us do. Teach him to bend his little one down so he pees downward 🙂

  5. “Little one?”

  6. Cole bends over so he can see between the seat ring and the bowl while he sits – and that seems to do the trick. He refused to sit on the ring or the practice seat with the wiener cover on.

    Of course now he likes to stand and ends up twisting his hips around to aim, because he refuses to touch himself! It’s hilarious to watch and irritating to clean up.

    And what the heck are you guys doing up at 2 and 3am???!

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