Posted by: mosblog | August 17, 2008

Starting A New Tradition…

Today began a new Schlange Girls tradition for Bella and myself. Around this time of year for the next 12 years she and I will take a day to go school clothes shopping together! We’ll be gone the entire day. We’ll eat too much gum (or at least she will). We’ll laugh a lot, go out to lunch and dinner, compliment each other on anything and everything, have tired feet, spend Dad’s money (but wisely!), always buy her a new piece of jewelry (thankfully right now she’s small enough to love the $4 ones!), and we’ll bond a lot.

I’ll make comments to her about how she’s supposed to be my baby but she looks grown up in her new dress. She’ll tell me “Mom, I’m getting bigger but I’ll always be your baby.” I’ll let her get any old thing from Fresh Choice, and she’ll leave 3/4 of it unfinished on her plate while she eats her ice cream. And I won’t even care. I’ll live vicariously through her outfit choices, and when we come home that night I’ll secretly tell Eric which ones to really compliment her a lot on (based on her “Dad’s going to really like this!” from earlier in the day). And at the end of the day she and I will talk about how many more years until she gets to drive us around during the shopping trip (it’s 11 right now!)

I know we’ll do all of these things because we did them today and we both loved it so much!



  1. that is so awesome!! what a fun tradition to have…you are a “cool” mom for sure! i hope God will one day give me a little girl to do something similar like that with!!

  2. I mean, do you just automatically become EXTRA sentimental when you leave the hospital with a new baby girl, or what? I just teared up reading this & thinking about doing that with Soph. I can’t even watch movies with mushy “kids growing up too fast” scenes in them without getting “verklemped”. Don’t forget to post some photos of her in some of those darling new outfits:-)

  3. And each year, I’ll pray “Lord, help them to find the best sales.” 🙂 Way to go, babe–that’s what memories are made of!

  4. O.K. from this day forward…Let Bella plan your outfits. Cuts out the rude comments and TOTAL embarrassment when seen in public with your daughter.

    Don’t EVER make conversation with another mother while in the line of Safeway, Subway, Brunos…Might as well sign your child up for some anonymous hidden mountain group.

    Oh, P-L-E-A-S-E, do not EVER sign along with any song that has EVER been written! Just take my word on this one.

    Other than all this…enjoy your life 🙂

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