Posted by: mosblog | September 9, 2008

Bella’s First Day of School

So today was Bella’s first day of school. She’s a Kindergartener at Konocti Christian Academy in Lakeport. We started the day off at 4am when the smoke alarms went off in our house (all of them!) and woke the 4 of us up! The kids were crying and scared so the two of them and I laid in Bella’s bed until Dad figured out which ones were the culprits and put the smack down on them (changed their batteries). We got in bed just before 5 with the kids sleeping on the floor in our room. Eric and I didn’t fall asleep until almost 6, which was when we were supposed to get up.


Anyway, we dropped Noah off at Auntie Em’s house so we could focus on Bella, then took her to school. The kids all play outside until the bell rings so there were many (like 40?) running around playing freeze tag, and the older girls were standing around chatting. So funny! Bella was clearly intimidated and had a hard time moving away from Eric and I. I think if we had left then and there she would have pitched a fit. So, we stuck around knowing that two of her former preschool friends would be there at some point. Luke was the first to show up. As soon as I saw him I told her to go ask him if he wanted to play. He was acting very shy and nervous too but he immediately said yes, so off they went. Luke’s Mom was greatly relieved as she was nervous and apparently cried a lot as she left. Then Bella’s other friend, Marlene showed up. We had her go ask Marlene to play too which helped Marlene as she said yes, so Eric and I yelled to Bella to come back and give us kisses because we were leaving. She did so and ran off and was fine.

Next question is….did I cry? Yes, but just barely, and really it was Krishelle’s fault. I knew Krishelle would ask me if I was okay, and I was holding it together until we started to approach her. Just the mere thought of her asking made the tears come a bit. I couldn’t even talk to her or look at her for fear that I would totally lose it. Once I was in the car though I was fine.

When we picked Bella up we asked if she had fun and she said yes. She was disappointed that she didn’t read at all yet and she said the most “boring” part of her day was that they didn’t get to go outside very much (except for a recess and snack time in the middle!). JIt was weird when we left because a couple people said “See you tomorrow!” All I could think is “Oh crap! We have to do this EVERY day!” I’m sure it’ll become more normal, but as it stands right now I don’t like being FORCED to give my kid over 5 days a week! I’m just SUPER thankful that God worked it out for Bella to go to this school (where her combined K/1st Grade class only has 9 kids) than to the public school.

The pictures are ones we took before we left in the morning. The one of Bella and Eric on the couch is when he was talking to her about how to act at school (not like your Grandpa Rocky who ditched school in Kindergarten every day to go see his buddy for the first couple months of school!!!).




  1. why do they grow up so fast???? i still remember when you posted pics of her first day a preschool, like last month…j/k She looks so cute in her dress and knee socks!!

  2. These are probably the cutest kids that I have ever seen, well except for my new niece! So cute, you should be so proud.

  3. I am glad you didn’t stay any longer than you had to this morning otherwise I would have started crying. I can’t believe that Bella started school this morning. She is just a baby! 🙂

  4. who’s that skinny lady i see?
    looking good! 🙂

  5. I can remember thinking back when Bella was a baby that it was gonna be so weird when she would grow up and be in school… doesn’t seem so weird anymore…it’s just a big reminder of how much older I am now!

  6. I thought you did really good! Alot better than I did last year. Bella was having a good time this morning.

  7. Hi–this is Granny! I love the pictures and I want you to know that I prayed for you all morning. When Emily went to kindergarten and also the next year when you, Monica, went to The same classroom, I cried alot. Dad went with all of us to help us through the first day. It is really hard to let go of your children. Bella you look like a very big school girl. I love you all!!!!

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