Posted by: mosblog | September 16, 2008

Another Adventure

Well, the big news for the day in the Schlange household is that we’re moving! Yikes! We decided last night that we need to move back to our Lakeport house….and when I say “we decided” what I really mean is “God is moving us.” 🙂

There are plenty of little reasons to move back, but the two big reasons are because it will save us hundreds of dollars in gas money every month, and also so that we can get the place ready to put on the market to sell it.

It’s going to be interesting trying to downsize, but it’ll work out. We’re having a yard sale this coming Saturday with Kristin Reese and Jeff and Connie at the Reese’s house (so be sure to come!!!), so that’ll be some of our stuff. Then, we’re packing everything else into two categories of boxes. One will be things we can’t live without for the next 6 months and will go to the house, the other will be things we can live without for a while and will go into a storage unit….that way, our house won’t look cluttered and we can always have it looking sell-worthy.

Because some of you know our renters I’ll be sure to say that we had to call them tonight to tell them…and then I cried while I did the dishes. I felt very, very bad for them. They were so nice about it and I hated to give them notice, but there’s nothing else we could have done. Please pray that they find a better house to move to and that it will go smoothly for them.

The last thing….Our moving day is officially (I think!) October 25th.



  1. YAY!! It is going to be nice to be neighbors again. I will also see you at your yard sale.

  2. yay….maybe i can see my friend more often again! 🙂 I DID like your house up there….but maybe it was just all the nice new furniture that will be in this house now…:) GLAD to have you guys back!!

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